How can I create a growth mindset in my students?

10 Ways to Instill a Growth Mindset in Students | Prodigy

    1. Avoid Praising Intelligence and Sheer Effort. You risk discouraging growth by primarily praising …
    2. Use Diverse Teaching Strategies. Exposing students to different instructional methods and …
    3. Introduce Simple Gamification Elements. Certain aspects of gamification — the practice of …
    4. Teach the Values of Challenges. Explaining the inherent benefits of overcoming obstacles can …
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I am my 3rd year in education.My certification is 4-8th grade ELA.I am currently substitute teaching, and I have done interventionist .I enjoy working with students,and I am always looks for ways to become a better educator.

4 thoughts on “How can I create a growth mindset in my students?”

  1. This blog is amazing. It has opened me up to a different way of thinking. I will no longer choose to have a fixed mindset. I am up for the challenge and willing to grow.


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